List of LTE and LTE-Advanced scheduled webinars is presented below. These webinars were especially developed to provide overview of LTE and LTE-Advanced technologies, their key performance characteristics and to introduce main features within limited time frame (one webinar takes 3-4 hours). Detailed webinars content is presented below.

LTE Webinar:
  1. General information about mobile networks
  2. LTE overview
  3. LTE network architecture. EPC and its interfaces
  4. Quality of Service (QoS) in LTE
  5. LTE air interface protocols
  6. RRC Protocol
  7. LTE Physical layer
  8. RLC and MAC layers
  10. LTE Pilot signals
  11. Radio measurements
  12. Key procedures
    • UE Attach
    • Intra system handover
  13. Data transmission in LTE
  14. Questions

LTE-Advanced Webinar:
  1. LTE overview. LTE performance
  2. Requirements to 4G networks
  3. Key differences between LTE-Advanced and LTE
  4. Carrier Aggregation
  5. Interference and ways to cope with it
  6. Coordination Multipoint (CoMP)
  7. ICIC and eICIC
  8. Overview of solutions for voice service in LTE
  9. Questions

Next webinar dates: LTE webinar - 15th of April 2017, LTE-Advanced webinar - 22nd of April 2017 г.

Webinar fee: Early Bird registration ends on April 1st. Until April 1st: one webinar (either LTE or LTE-Advanced) - 75$; both webinars - 130$
After April 1st: one webinar - 97$; both webinars - 175$.

To register please send an email to with the following information: If you have any questions you also can send it via email.

About author: Alexey graduated from Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation (SUAI). In 2011, he received Ph.D. where his primary focus was on power management solutions for mobile terminals in wireless networks and traffic modeling. Starting from 2006, he worked for Motorola at Saint-Petersburg software center. From that time he has been taking part in developing of WiMAX system and also in customer support activities. Since 2011 he has worked for Nokia Siemens Networks (now Nokia Networks) and his primary technology is Long Term Evolution (LTE) and LTE-Advanced. Currently he is a Project Manager in a team that implements advanced features and prepares it for customers demo and trade fairs (for example, Mobile Word Congress).
Alexey is a member of technical program committee for several conferences and workshops. Alexey has more than 15 publications and he is an author of several Key Notes on international conferences. His research interests include simulations, spectral efficiency and performance analysis in wireless networks, video transmission.

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